How to Join

How to Join

Through hard training and diligence, we develop our Kendo skills. As a beginner we expect you to try your best. We have students with no martial arts background and we have students with many years in other martial arts alike. We start everyone off with basics - etiquette, balance, coordination, footwork, and cuts. These basics are the foundation of Kendo and they are reinforced throughout your Kendo experience.

The kendo armor is very intimidating and scary to some. It is for protection and we have club armor as your skills develop to the point of wearing it. Kendo is practiced and enjoyed by men and women alike. Please take the time to contact us and we can get you started (or continue) in Kendo. Starting in September 2009, we will be reorganizing our Saturday practice schedule in order to better serve our members, from the beginner to the advanced practitioner.

Ken Strawn


Ken Strawn, Charlotte Kendo Club
(704) 399-0774


  • Beginners and Intermediate
    Saturday 9:00am - 11:00am (doors open at 8:30am)
    Class Description: The class emphasis is on Principles and Basics of Kendo including- Reigi-saho (manners and ettiquette), Kendo Kata, Warm Up exercises, Basic stances and postures (kamae), ashi-sabaki (footwork), basic and intermediate strikes (men, kote, kote-men and do), Fumikomi-Ashi (stamping), Kirikaeshi, and Ji-Keiko (free sparring).
  • Intermediate/Advanced Class. BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME*
    Tuesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    Class Description: The class emphasis is on honing the fundamental Kendo skills and advanced Kendo techniques including- Basic strikes, advanced technique drills and Ji-Keiko (free sparring).
    *Beginner students who attend Tuesday evening practice are encouraged to attend Saturday morning practice, but is not required.