Ken Strawn (5-dan). Began Kendo at the San Jose State University Kendo Club under Benjamin Hazard (7-dan Hanshi). Also trained with Y. Miyata (8-dan Hanshi), Y. Takao (7-dan), and C. Tanaka (7-dan). While living in Portland, Oregon, trained in Seattle with R. Omoto (7-dan), Shinichi Koike (7-dan), and J. Marsten (7-dan).Upon moving back to his home town, established the Charlotte Kendo Club in 1986. Retired school teacher, achieved 5-dan despite losing part of right leg. Participated in the U.S. National Championships as part of Northern California Federation (1981), Pacific NW KF (1984), and South Eastern U.S. KF (1990).  Coached the 1999 SEUSKF Youth team to third place, the highest finish for a SEUSKF team at that time. Author of the book KENDO TRAINING, available from